NMB, Gelvandale Stadium Amarova’s lucky charm


National First Division side Blackburn Rovers manager, Luxolo Matikinca says they are excited to be playing their home games in Nelson Mandela Bay Gelvendale Stadium as they consider the stadium as their lucky charm.

Matikinca said,“We have had a clean record while using Gelvenadale Stadium as our home ground , according to our records last season. Out of four games that we had played we only drew two and won the rest.’’

Amarova as they are affectionately known used Mthatha Stadium as the home ground after being evicted at Buffalo City Stadium in East London.

Blackburn Rovers Football Club

Blackburn Rovers Football Club

The team is now forced to move their home games to P.E due to a temporal closure of the stadium by the Premier Soccer League (PSL).

“The pitch in Mthatha was left in an unpleasant state after the concert took place there, we then decide to give the stadium a breather and moved our games to P.E.”,Matikinca said.

After winning an away game against Black Leopards this past Saturday, Amarovas are determined to keep the 3 points at home this coming Saturday against United FC.

Saturday’s game will be a home coming for three of Blackburn players, Masixole Nkewana from Morning Stars, Sheldon Baatjies and Bongani Kama former Bay Stars players.

Amarova will be playing without their key players Siphosethu Zito and Malusi Mseleku as they are both out for four weeks due to an ankle fracture.

The game kicks off at 18:00pm.


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